About Us

Institute Background : CYBERTECH computer learning centers, head quartered in Kamargari, Bogra, the country's largest independent computer training institute, provides customer focused computer training chosen to meet the needs of over 2400 students each year. Founded in 2000, CYBERTECH is both an operator and franchise for computer learning centers that offer top quality computer training using multiple delivery methods and formats. With more than 4 centers in countries, CYBERTECH trains more people than any other computer training institute in Bangladesh. CYBERTECH offers a broad range of application and technical training courses for all levels of PC and MAC users. CYBERTECH' franchise center in Dhaka will be start its operation in Dhaka by CITPL (CYBERTECH IT Park LTD.). 

CYBERTECH is the largest independent IT & ICT training Institute in the country. Each year, we teach more than 2400 students country wide, we offer Businesses and individuals more choices for learning than any other company or institute:

· Instructor-led, Computer-Based, Web-Based, and Client-Site training options.

· Desktop application and Technical training courses on products from Microsoft, Among others.

· Day, Night and Weekend Courses.

· More than 140 customized course ware titles in Bangle & English languages.

· More than 4 Training centers in overall Bangladesh

· 2400 plus student Training per year country wide.

· 70 Instructors and 22 Account Executives (Sales people) country wide.

The CYBERTECH network of training centers is committed to offering a cutting edge curriculum that enables clients to deploy a full range of technologies. 


Entering the computer training market more than a decade ago, CYBERTECH achieved numerous milestones and has been on the fore font of the training from the beginning. It needs to be mentioned. CYBERTECH has been awarded one of the fastest growing Institutes. CYBERTECH was recently ranked as the largest IT training company in the country, behind all affiliated institute of BTEB. CYBERTECH was recognized as the"Best Overall Training Solution" in the year 2006 by Ministry of Govt.

· 2000 : CYBERTECH begins is founded by Professor Abdus Satter in Bogra Bangladesh. Dated on 10th Oct 2000.

· 2001 : CYBERTECH begins with franchising New Horizons Computer Learning Centers Dhaka.

· 2002 : CYBERTECH Apply for Affiliation by Bangladesh Technical Education Board Dhaka

· 2003 : CYBERTECH franchises in different area in Bangladesh.

· 2004 : CYBERTECHs introduces its corporate Education Solutions (CES) to better service large corporate accounts. Like Bank & NGOs.

· 2005 : CYBERTECH offers online registration for various courses, as well as course schedules, Outlines and Technical Training updates via the CYBERTECH Web site.

· 2007 : CYBERTECH establishes 0 4 Technical Education Centers which Approved by BTEB.

· 2008 : CYBERTECH begins delivery of Web-Based Training to its customers.

· 2014 : CYBERTECH Affiliated Exam Center by Bangladesh Technical Education Center.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide integrated human resources development solutions in IT to the communities in which we exist. Our aim to enable individuals, Organizations and Economies to optimize on modern Technologies in the pursuit of success and prosperity in the new millennium. 

We believe that our customers' satisfaction is the sole justifications for our existence and is therefore our primary objective. We believe that to earn their trust and loyalty. We must creatively develop and deliver value-added services, conduct our business. At the highest level of professionalism and integrity and remain highly critical of ourselves in favor of our customers. 

We believe that our own human resources, our people, are the key force driving us towards achieving our mission and objectives. All our team members have been thoroughly indoctrinated in our mission and philosophy. We take it as our challenge and responsibility to see that each CYBERTECH team member is growing towards his or her fullest potential and is intelligently and happily contributing towards making our vision a solid really.