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  • Customer Commitment & Market Leadership :

  •  As computer operating systems and application software change at an accelerating pace, Businesses need to regularly train their people in order to a stay current and be competitive. According to the Gartner Group Inc, an industry analyst firm, the training systems a company develops are becoming strategic and as "Mission Critical" as the client / server systems that training is designed to support. As a result, Businesses are increasingly outsourcing computer training to cover a broader course curriculum, in a shorter period of time at the most effective cost.

     CYBERTECH is assisting those businesses and individuals with technical and application training to help them in keeping pace with the rapid and complex technological changes that are taking place in operating systems and software development

     Further, Large national and international customers are looking for training vendors that can meet their worldwide needs with simple administration and competitive prices. CYBERTECH has designed a Major Accounts Program (MAP) to meet the needs of that institute with a large employee base in multiple locations. In addition to offering integrated training choices on a global level, MAP provides a single point of contact for all training needs. MAP guarantees uniform pricing and consolidated billing for streamlined administrative costs and ensures that employees receive consistent quality instruction.

     Continued market leadership will be achieved by offering customers leading-edge content focusing on the latest software releases, certification programs and emerging technologies. Web-Based training, Earning as well as Technological-Based Training, Such as Computer Based Training via (CBT) are just a few of the cutting-edge training products and service that positions CYBERTECH at the fore front of the institute.

  • Customer Service & Support :

  •  A Cell phone help desk is offered 12-hours-1-day, Six-days-a week to provide free post-class support to each CYBERTECH student. Flexible schedules for open enrollment, On-site training, Private and Evening and weekend classes give customers more options to tailor their training needs. CYBERTECH also offers and unconditional Learning Guarantee with free repeat class privileges for up to six months. Pre-and post-assessment testing determines the IT set of the student and the level of qualification-beginner, Intermediate of advanced to ensure that each student begins at the right level and learns the content of the course.

     ThesssCYBERTECH Web site ( provides complete course schedules, News, Fast facts and online registration, As well as course outlines, Technical and Certification updates-all in an easy to navigate format.

  • Choice for the Real World :

  •  CYBERTECHComputer Learning Centers provides customer-focused computer training choices in multiple formats and delivery methods, offering businesses and individuals' top-quality computer training that is tailored to meet their specific needs. When and how they want it. As a result, customers have the freedom to choose their own personalized training program from a variety of training products and services that best their suit their individual learning style and needs. Integrated training includes: comprehensive skill assessment; multiple training delivery options, such as Instructor-led and Technology based Training, as well as self study.

     Tools, such as courseware manuals, multimedia CD-ROMs and Web-Based tools for online learning; and training management services, including on line registration and 12 hours help-desk support. As a result, CYBERTECH training freedom of choice with relevance and flexibility for the customer.